Easter Bunny Letters & Special Easter Treats

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If you are like me you have lots of things on your mind when planning a holiday. With Easter right around the corner I am thinking ahead about such things as Easter Bunny letters and what special dishes to have for that all important Easter dinner.

Because my grandkids are a big part of any holiday I always try to plan things they will enjoy. They are still young, ages 2, 4, 11 and 13. The 13 year old definitely does not believe in The Easter Bunny and the 11 year old stopped believing last year, but she is still happy to enjoy the ideal that Peter Cottontail ‘might’ exist. 

With this mix I have lots of fun. The oldest two kids like to help me with my decorating tasks. They do everything from stringing jelly beans to create garland to hanging plastic eggs on my outdoor shrubbery. They also enjoy helping me in the kitchen when I prepare special Easter treats.

The younger children like to get in on the fun too so as always; my craft box gets a good workout during the holiday planning phase. I try to have the box well supplied with items that will be fun to decorate with and also with things that are safe even for the little ones to use. This includes keeping a supply of the heavy duty crayons and large washable markers. 

When the time comes to write letters to The Easter Bunny I encourage all the kids and even the adults to join in. This usually turns into a fun event for everyone. After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting creative once in awhile?

The bonus for me is not only spending time with everyone, but the kids are always happy to create adorable Easter keepsakes for me. I keep the best to use from year to year. Eventually I will give the decorations to the kids – then they can do whatever they want with them.

One of the favorite things the kids and I do to celebrate Easter is baking cupcakes. Besides the usual baking we get into the decorating side of things. I have found that the tops of cupcakes can be a virtual canvas for any holiday theme. We use store bought sprinkles to add a special touch to the cakes but we also try to get creative and make our own touches. 

We have crumbled graham crackers to use as part of our décor and added gummy worms to simulate worms in dirt. Crumbled Oreo cookies can also be used.
I have found that I can warm store bought vanilla and sour cream frosting in the microwave and make it soft enough to mix in a few drops of food coloring. This allows me to create pastel colors of frosting that result in the perfect backdrop for Easter decorations. 

Shredded coconut makes a great look for Easter cupcakes. You can even color it to your liking. Just add the shredded coconut to a zip lock bag and add in a few drops of desired food coloring. Shake until well mixed. If you want to lighten the shade just add in more coconut and re-mix – and of course, if you want to darken the color just add more food coloring. Small Easter candies can be added to the tops of the cupcakes for a final touch of flair.

Easter Fun With Letters From The Easter Bunny & Easter Games!

Imagine the delight on your child’s face as he or she reads a personalized letter from The Easter Bunny. You can easily make that a reality – all you have to do is supply a little information about your child – then wait for the magic to take place!

As you probably already know, in a child’s mind The Easter Bunny is almost as important as Santa Claus himself. Kids have a way of attaching themselves to these adorable characters. After all, Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny seem to know things about them that only a real friend would know.

When you think about it, these characters want nothing more than to make kids happy – so it just makes sense that kids would have nothing but adoration for them. And as someone that loves a kid it makes sense that you would help this process along.

One ideal way to create special memories is to plan a time that you and the kids you love can write letters to The Easter Bunny and play some special Easter games? All you need for the letters is some pastel paper, envelopes, stickers, markers, glitter and glue. Just let the kids get creative and decorate their letters and envelopes in a favorite Easter theme.

When it comes to games one idea is to create your own version of pin the tail on Peter Cottontail. You can use a cut out of a rabbit made from cardboard, poster board, or even construction paper. Just use cotton for the tail. You can add a piece of tape to the cotton to use to hold it on the rabbit cut out.

Of course there’s always the traditional Easter egg hunt. You can give out prizes to everyone that finds an egg. Just prepare zip lock bags filled with special goodies.  Another Easter game is called the ‘Egg Roller’. Let the kids race to get their egg from a starting point to an ending point. The trick is they have to roll the egg using only their noses.

Easter hats are a tradition so why not allow the kids to get in on the act? Purchase inexpensive painter’s hats or baseball style caps and let the kids go crazy decorating them. Your craft box will supply the decorative touches. You might want to offer up feathers, silk flowers, ribbons, lace, buttons, and even bits of fabric. Then you can enjoy a front seat at your own ‘Easter Parade’. 

Have the kids parade around as if they are giving a fashion show and give a prize to the ‘most creative hat’, the ‘silliest hat’, the ‘prettiest hat’, etc. Just be sure to come up with enough titles and prizes to ensure that everyone wins something!

One other game that we have played uses eggs and spoons. We call it ‘Pass The Egg’. As you may have guessed you have to place the egg on spoon and pass it into the next person’s spoon. The goal is to get the egg through a group of people without dropping it. Of course, we use plastic eggs for this so there is no harm done if the egg does fall.

The point is, Easter can be a lot of fun for young and old alike. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity. So put on your thinking cap and have a wonderful Easter celebration that will be remembered!

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A Magical Easter Weekend

How do you celebrate Easter? Thousands and thousands of families with children will include some of the traditional holiday activities. This includes spending time coloring Easter eggs, preparing special treats, writing letters to The Easter Bunny and of course playing Easter games and having a fabulous dinner.

Many people will begin Easter Sunday at church, but long before that time they will enjoy discovering what The Easter Bunny brought them the night before. This is especially true for kids.

I have found that if I want a holiday to turn out great I need to plan for it. So I am sharing with you my plans for Easter weekend 2011. 

One of my first concerns is what I will serve for Easter Sunday dinner. The traditional dishes I serve include baked ham, potato salad, candied yams, garden fresh green beans, and deviled eggs. But of course, I have a tendency to get carried away when I am preparing holiday meals.

One of my favorite dishes is peas with cheese. I prefer frozen peas. With that in mind a friend shared one of her recipes with me and I plan to try it out on Easter. You begin with 2 of the larger packages of frozen peas. 

You cook the peas according to directions. In the meantime you crumble up a cup ½ of your favorite snack crackers. This can be any kind at all, from the typical Ritz style crackers to wheat and herb flavors. Add 2 – 3 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese to the crumbs and then mix in 2 – 3 melted tablespoons of butter.

After placing your prepared peas into a serving dish you simply use the crumbs to ‘frame’ the peas. This will be a quick and easy dish and I think it sounds delicious.
One other dish that will be on my menu is glazed carrots. 

I use the ‘baby carrots’ for this. Once they are cooked tender I drain off the liquid and I add my special glaze. To make it I simply mix 1 frozen orange juice concentrate (thawed), about ½ cup brown sugar, and 3 tablespoons butter in a skillet and heat until hot. Then I pour the mixture over the carrots and mix. This is a family favorite.
When it comes to desserts my rule is I have to have at least 3. I still haven’t decided what they will be.

One of my other priorities is to ensure that my craft box is well stocked. I know the younger kids will spend time writing letters to The Easter Bunny and creating holiday craft projects.

I also try to ensure that The Easter Bunny makes a stop at my house. That means I have to have whatever I need to create a beautiful Easter basket filled with lots of goodies. I generally use an oversized basket because I only prepare one and it is shared by everyone that visits my home during Easter.

Besides adding a few special decorative touches to my home and ensuring that everything is in order, that’s about all the preparation I do for Easter. My goal is to make sure that my friends and family visit, that they have a good time and have plenty to eat, and that even while focusing on Easter Bunny letters we keep in mind what the holiday is really about.
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Planning Perfect Letters To The Easter Bunny

Letters to The Easter Bunny can have as much meaning to children as their letters to Santa Claus. Kids identify with these characters and as parents we want to make our children feel good about the letters they write. That’s why thousands and thousands of parents have not only allowed their kids to write these letters, but many actually encourage it.

Writing letters to The Easter Bunny allows kids to use their imagination in more ways than one. Kids envision this wonderful and lovable character that wants nothing more than to make them happy on Easter. Who wouldn’t love having that in their lives?

So as kids write letters to this rabbit they often include details about what is going on in their lives and much more. Some children use the letter writing activity as a way to vent and to share things they may not share with the people in their lives.

It’s a healthy way to cope with matters. But most kids simply use Easter Bunny letters as a great way to connect with this special character, The Easter Bunny. They may add requests for special treats and favorite candy, but in essence they just want to know that The Easter Bunny remembers them – and they want The Easter Bunny to know that he is loved and appreciated.

So how can parents help? 

As always, the trusty craft box is an ideal way to help your children in this endeavor. Ensure that you have plenty of supplies on hand to help your kids decorate their letters in a way they will be proud of. Whether you choose to also write a letter to The Easter Bunny or not is up to you. But the reality is that your kids would probably love it if you did. After all, that would validate that The Easter Bunny is real and that writing letters to him is not silly.

Kids have quite the imagination and when it is encouraged you may be surprised at the outcome. All you have to do is make a few suggestions and then allow your kids to be creative in their decorating ideas. Special letters like the ones written to The Easter Bunny have to be treated with care.

If you really want to make this Easter special for your kids why not ensure that The Easter Bunny answers their letters? Nowadays you can do this the easy way. You can order top quality Easter Bunny letters that will convince your kids the Easter Bunny knows them personally.

Make Easter a memorable holiday this year. Why not plan a time to spend quality time with your kids and make an evening around writing letters to The Easter Bunny and decorating your home for Easter? All you have to do to have a successful ‘Easter Decorating Party’ is ensure you have a well-stocked craft box and prepare a delicious snack to enjoy while you and your kids are in the creative process.

That is the kind of time that tends to bond families and create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come!
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Easy Easter Décor and Easter Bunny Letters

If you have kids preparing for Easter probably includes Easter Bunny letters and related holiday décor. The good news is all of your Easter decorations can easily be made from the things you typically have in your craft box.

One addition you may want to add is a package or two of the store-bought plastic Easter eggs. These eggs can easily be decorated to create exciting new looks that your kids will love. Not only will they have fun decorating the eggs but they will like displaying them and using them for those infamous Easter Egg Hunts.

The truth is, these eggs can be decorated using many of the same techniques that your kids will be using to decorate their letters to The Easter Bunny. An easy decorating idea is to simply apply stickers to the eggs. You can find stickers that Easter-themed that include bunnies, crosses, jellybeans, and even chicks and carrots. The idea is to be free in your designs.

You can also add glitter and sequins to the eggs. Just glue them on with craft glue. In fact, you could even use the little eyes and create adorable Easter creatures. Use yarn, ribbons and bits of cloth to ‘dress’ the creatures and you have an adorable display.
Feathers can be added to the eggs too. You can completely cover the eggs or just use feathers for a decorative touch. Because the feathers seem to give movement to the eggs most kids love this technique.

You can also paint these plastic eggs. Just use a small paint brush and craft paint. Be creative and make the process fun and imaginative. Or be a little more precise and create specific images related to Easter. You could add little bunnies, chicks, pastel hearts, smiley faces or religious images.

Other elements you may want to add to your eggs include bits of felt, beads, or small charms. You can use the caps from bottled drinks to ‘stand’ your eggs in or you can create a stand out of construction paper. 

Just cut strips of paper and glue together to create the appropriate sized ring to hold your egg upright. The strips of paper can be decorated to look like grass or even with glitter and sequins. The point is to have fun in the creative process.

Besides your displays of eggs you might want to add other decorations that can include letters to The Easter Bunny and mini Easter baskets. You can usually find ‘mini baskets’ at dollar stores. Obviously the baskets are extremely inexpensive. 

You can use some of the items from your craft box to decorate the baskets, including ribbon, lace, glitter and sequins. Then fill the baskets with finely cut ‘Easter grass’ and add tiny Easter decorations and candy. These baskets can be given to older kids and grandkids as an Easter gift. 

Easter symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth. It’s the perfect time to decorate with flowers as flowers also remind us of spring and new beginnings. Whether you prefer live plants or silk flowers you can add an Easter touch with small Easter-themed decorations.
Consider decorating your plants much like you decorate an artificial tree at Christmas time. Just create your Easter ornaments out of construction paper. Add a strand of jelly beans for garland. 

Have fun in your decorating adventures and try new things. The more you do the more fun you and your kids will have!
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The Real Easter Bunny

My boys Doyle and Trenton found something better than an Easter egg in our yard the week before Easter. What they found that year made it one of our most memorable Easters ever.

I was in the kitchen with the girls. We were getting things ready to write letters to The Easter Bunny. Sally and Jackie were looking through the packs of stickers I bought. Melanie and I had our hands full making sure that everything we needed for their Easter letters to The Easter Bunny was ready.

Suddenly both of my boys came running in the door. Both of them were grabbing my hands and pulling me towards the yard. I followed them out the door and into the yard. They were both so excited and anxious - the way only adventurous little boys can. We stopped in front of the Japanese cherry tree. The boys made me kneel beneath the flower covered branches. Very delicately the boys brushed away a pile of leaves. Under the leaves was a small brown shivering bunny.

Then I certainly understood why the boys were so excited. The little bunny was so small and cute. By this time all five of my kids stood around me with pleading eyes. I told them I wasn’t sure if we would be able to keep the wild little bunny. I told the boys to stay with the bunny while the girls and I went to look for a cage. We found an old hamster cage that we decided would work.

The boys and I took the bunny to our vet for advice. He told us that the bunny was young and probably wouldn’t survive for long out in the wild alone. That sealed the deal. Doyle and Trenton had just become the new owners of a small brown bunny.

When we got home the excitement spread to the girls. All of the kids fell in love with the bunny and his fuzzy white tail. My husband Drew even thought that the bunny was cute. The boys named the bunny Cottontail. Not too original maybe but the name sure did seem appropriate!

Later that night we finally got back to our Easter letters. They kids all wrote about the newest member of the family. I took a picture of the boys with the bunny under the tree where they found him. They both sent the picture with their letters to The Easter Bunny.

 The next day we set up a cage in the boys’ room. My husband Drew later helped the boys build a cage outside. The three of them worked very hard on the cage together. It was fun for all of them – the kind of activity that creates lasting memories that we will all cherish for years to come.

By the end of the day Cottontail had a cage fit for a rabbit king. The girls had even painted a sign that said Cottontail to hang on the front of the cage. That little bunny earned a special place in all our hearts.